Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Hitchhiker's Guide to A-Kon 19

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about the anime convention A-Kon: it smells. Like really, really bad. It is a little known fact that A-Kon is THE ABSOLUTE trendy spot for galactic smells and has become a immensely popular destination during the aromatic mating season. Scents from across the galaxy will spend many Earth years traveling to small blue-green planet. They hitch from one being to another across space and time, picking up other odors with promises of a wild party. By the time they reach A-Kon, they are throughly drunk on space nickles and will generally have a whooping good time during the convention. Years previously the foreign odors were not welcomed warmly by the Terran smells and thus war was declared. Miraculously, a mephitis war that would have wiped out the entire planet was adverted when a shy, young earth smell met up with a nice odor from the Axel Nebula. Their joining produced a cute, lovable green nidor not entirely unlike rotting Boghog meat. Overjoyed by the endless combination of smells, the olent beings began vigorously mating with anything and everything. Thus turning A-Kon into the biggest odor orgy this side Alpha Centauri. So it is generally recommended to wear protection when attending A-Kon unless you want to become malodorously pregnant or catch an STD (Smelly Transmitted Disease).