Monday, May 26, 2008

The Next Wave

Well, I'm officially out of the Denton (picture is from the move out; pics of the new place is now dependent on actual furniture and finishing unpacking). It only took two more years than it should have, but here I am with a Dallas address again. Which means I'm closer to the hustle, the bustle, and good food. I miss good Vietnamese/Chinese food, and now it's much closer. Though I recently realized just how close the Freebirds is to the new place; it's going to be the ruin of me. The area is really nice, everything is in close proximity. It has the entire range, from Northpark area and the SMU campus to the Sonic where you can get a burger AND your window washed by a panhandler. What more can you ask for? Well, maybe bigger parking spots. These are TINY. Anyways, for those of you around the 75/Lovers|University area, give me a hollah. Or I will bug you endlessly until we have beers. I want a semi-normal life again.

Well, with the convention circuit that we scheduled, I'm still thinking in seasons/semesters. This summer is going to be gearing up for the fall conventions that we're planning on doing (Dallas Comic-Con, Baltimore-Con, Wizard World Texas). If all goes to plan ::knock on wood::, each of the Studio Kru will have a book or two at the tables. Some of it will be hired work for publishers, some of it will be our own works done via print-on-demand. I think it will be an impressive assortment of books. Hopefully I can get enough paid work to make life a bit easier and less stressful, but not too much to interfere with the projects. Such a delicate balance, it always seem to lean too far one way or the other. Ah well, such is the life of a full time freelancer.

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