Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketches: Scarecrow and Slimer

[Image: ink on bristol; the Slimer is a sneak peak at my entry for the Metrosketchual blog.]

The things I miss about Denton are mainly the art stores. The stores in Dallas are pretty overpriced in comparison. My thought is that the Denton shops have a guaranteed sale numbers with the art school; the Dallas ones not so much. Anyways, last time I was there i picked up two small Canson Make Your Own Manga Book; it's pretty neat. It's a bit more disposable than a nice moleskin and a notch above a regular sketchbook. I try and sketch in it everyday to keep myself in practice. Plus i picked up some new inking tools; a nice pentel pen and a brush pen. I've been looking at more loose art styles (Sean Murphy, Rob Guillory, Skottie Young); so it's fun to experiment with these new toys. I may need to buy new ones soon though; I am TEARING through the ink. Which, by the way, is actually good ink. I usually hate the ink that comes in (brush) pens.

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