Thursday, April 10, 2008

Design: Sister's Graduation Card

This is a quick graduation card I designed for my middle sister. It took me a while to get down properly because a) I've been juggling a few other things at the same time and b) I've been over thinking the card for weeks. That balance between something that looks cool and something that works for the client is difficult to maintain. Then I realized it was just my little sister and not some corporate client; she could care less if there were multiple layers of messaging involved. It just needed to be cooler than the ones you get from Jostens, simple enough to print at Kinkos by herself, and economic. So I just made sure it reflected her (hence the panda and the green, it pretty much matches her apartment) with a nice clean look. I kept it simple with some tone on tone so the dark text and panda would pop. Plus I'm a fan of things wrapping around edges; I feel it connects panels/sides together to create a better dynamic experience. Anyways, I think she liked it. She mentioned looking for cute envelopes for them, which to her is probably the most important aspect of the invite. Sometimes I just gotta let go of the higher, conceptual designs and just do something fun. Though I think I just caught the Apostrophe Atrophy in "ten'clock". ::sigh:: Eric Ligon would be so disappointed.

Sadly I won't be able to make to my sister's graduation because I'm already signed up to do the CAPE! show here in Dallas. Though she said to make up for it I'm going to have to get Robert Kirkman to sign her hardcover copies of Invincible. Those of you in Austin may know her, she use to work at one of the comic shops around there. Go to her graduation and throw things at her for me =P

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