Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Space-Gun: The End and A Beginning

Well, if any of you guys kept up with my webcomic Space-Gun, it's an end of era for us. We wrapped on production yesterday: three years, 315 comics with two comics a week with not ONE missed update. We've been late before, by maybe four hours, but there was never a Tuesday or Thursday where there wasn't a comic uploaded. The last three years has been a great collaborative project between a group of friends, we've had our up and down, fun times and frustrating ones as well. But I can look back at those 315 comics and say that I'm proud to be a part of that. Space-Gun has defined my life for the last three years. But it's time for us to move on to things that will define the next part of our lives. Jake and I want to do comics, and Space-Gun was a great place for us to refine our skills in sequential story telling. Doing a full page of sequentials was intimidating when we started, now not so much. We can do our respective tasks as easy as breathing now (Jake: pencils, colors; myself: inks, lettering). I've even developed a sick liking towards lettering; i get a total kick out of it.

With the end of one era is the beginning of another. Space-Gun the webcomic will now become Space-Gun Studios. The studio currently consists of Evan Bryce, Jake Ekiss, Matthew Warlick, and myself. We've recently released one:OFF over at Indy Planet as a group; and we plan on doing much more over the summer. It was a difficult process to get to this core group of creators for the studio, but a good vibe had to be established between us all. Space-Gun Studios is about people with the absolute desire to do comics and creative projects, not only as a studio but as a peer group as well. The studio is just part of my desire to be surrounded by creative and driven people.

Being in a college town environment is a great way to start out as a young twenty-something. You meet creative people with great potential. But as the years toll on, you find that people are not driven to work as hard as they need to make things happen. Or that they want the attention and praise of being a creative person, but are not willing to actually earn it. In world of talented people, pure skill is not the only ingredient to success. I feel that i may not the most talented of peoples, but i'm ready and willing to make up for it with drive. So let's get this done before i burn out.

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